Bushwalking Western Australia

The Federation of Western Australian Bushwalkers has re-formed - now to be known as Bushwalking WA.

We have a new Constitution and Strategic Plan that allow us to extend our traditional Club base and open up membership to individual bushwalkers and other like-minded organizations with similar bushwalking aims.

We have implemented a contemporary, strategically focused board of management model with the aim of more effectively representing the wider bushwalking community in Western Australia. As we continue to assist our member clubs, we seek to engage with individuals and other bodies sharing like aims in expanding and improving bushwalking opportunities in WA.

These reforms were facilitated by an Organizational and Strategic Review commenced in 2014 and completed earlier this year. This Review was conducted by a professional consultant and kindly funded by the WA Department of Sport and Recreation.

The initial Review, its findings, and recommendations were unanimously endorsed by the Council of Delegates which had governed the Federation of Western Australian Bushwalkers since its formation in 1992.

For more information about the changes, what they mean, and how you can get involved, contact the President at president@bushwalkingwa.org.au or Secretary at enquiries@bushwalkingwa.org.au.

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