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Risk Management Guidelines

In March 2011, the WA Federation of Bushwalkers (now known as Bushwalking WA) approved the Council of Bushwalking Australia's National Risk Management Guidelines. This approval followed extensive consultation with and input from the Federation.

The purpose of these guidelines as agreed by the Federation is as follows:

1. To clarify the responsibility of the Federation of WA Bushwalkers and its Members in regard to this matter.

2. To raise awareness among our Members as to the importance of managing risk with a primary focus on developing a culture of care within our bushwalking club network so that Members can:

  • Enjoy activities in a reasonably safe manner whilst acknowledging the risks of injury inherent in their club’s activities.

  • Understand that all participants have a duty of care to each other.

  • Take responsibility for their own safety within the limit of their knowledge, experience and skills.

Except for the mandatory requirements in section 6.0 of the Risk Management Guidelines the application of these guidelines is voluntary.

They are designed to help each club be systematic about risk management and to implement a risk management program suitable for their club’s range of activities so as to enable those clubs to develop safe operating procedures for the activities they undertake.

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Sample Forms

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