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Shooting in National Parks & Other Protected Areas

  1. Shooting in National Parks and other protected areas is inconsistent with the purposes for which they were established.

  2. Shooting of feral animals by itself can only be justified when there is clear scientific evidence available as to its effectiveness.

  3. Shooting of feral animals should only be done as part of a broader strategy which includes other forms of control such as baiting, trapping and habitat (eg warren) removal. Essentially, shooting should be a final “clean up” operation, designed to eliminate remnant populations.

  4. Feral animal shooting must be under the direct control of the responsible authorities, which in the case of WA public land would be the Parks & Wildlife Service.

  5. Any shooting operation must be followed by routine scientifically rigorous monitoring of the area to assess its effectiveness and to ensure it remains free of those animals.

  6. Shooting of feral animals under the direct control of the Parks & Wildlife Service should only be conducted in organised and coordinated operations after the risk to public safety has been assessed by management (and where appropriate other relevant authorities and users) and controls have been put in place to minimise the likelihood of injury to participants and the public.

22nd November 2013
Updated 4th February 2014

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